What We Do

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Our team is excited to determine the best approach to position, brand, target and disseminate messaging to achieve your unique marketing objectives. Our comprehensive marketing experience and partnerships allow us to successfully provide creative messaging and cost efficient media strategies.

Research & Development:

Target Audience – JPB Media works to clearly understand who your target audience is, what affects their decision making process and where they are in their decision journey.

Brand Perception & Awareness: – Understanding how your brand is perceived is key to determine appropriate messaging and establish a positive share of voice from a competitive standpoint.

Competitive Position Analysis – JPB Media will assess the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors on a local and national scale. This analysis provides both an offensive and defensive strategic context to identify opportunities and threats.

Media Strategy:

Media Recommendations – JPB Media offers expertise in Plan Development, Media Strategies, Media Negotiations/Placement, Public Relations Tie-in, Stewardship and Post Analysis. As an experienced agency with established media relationships, JPB Media has the ability to negotiate costs below market average and acquire added value components to support cost efficiencies.

Performance Analysis:

Measurable Tactics – Utilizing reach and frequency benchmarks, JPB Media monitors all recommended media campaigns for effectiveness…not only at the completion of a campaign, but we also employ proactive tactics to evaluate performance during the campaign. This strategy provides optimal opportunity to adjust media components and optimize a measurable and positive ROI.