Advertising Success Metrics


Let JPB Media activate the advertising matrix to catapult your marketing message and engage your ideal target audience.

Influence your consumer’s decision journey at the right time…. right place….with the right advertising solution.

Our target strategies include leveraging market and consumer intelligence to predict target behavior and cross-channel engagement. Understanding current market conditions, competitive activity, your target’s media preferences and lifestyle values establishes a metrics benchmark for a cost-efficient and highly engaged media campaign.

Media Tools & Metrics

  • Target Segmentation & Personas
  • Qualitative/Quantitative Research
  • Consumer Behavior Analysis
  • Target Audience Media Consumption Analysis
  • Competitive Insight & Footprint
  • Current and Predictive Marketplace Analysis

Data- Driven Digital Marketing Experts

Digital analytics to predictive consumer behavior across digital platforms sounds simple enough, right?  We think so…. let us help you elevate your cookie cutter digital marketing strategies to reach new audiences and improve conversion.

  • Digital Data Aggregation
  • Website Engagement Analysis
  • Consumer Predictive Behavior Analysis
  • Social Media Strategy & Management
  • Addressable Audience Strategies
  • Search Engine Marketing (PPC) & Optimization
  • Target Personalization and Value Analysis
  • Cross- Channel Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Marketing & Development

Marketing Technology Experts

Our best in class marketing technology provides access to the latest and emerging mar-tech tools and best practices to ensue your marketing and consumer engagement initiatives are relevant, measurable, cost efficient and most importantly, lead to successful conversions.  Partnering our mar-tech tools with strategic insights provides our clients with…..

  • brand positioning
  • target segmentations
  • consumer journey mapping
  • consumer research & insights
  • data aggregation
  • customer experience plans

Our digital marketing technology creates a customized roadmap to successfully elevate your brand, share of voice and return on your marketing investment.