About Us

Jackie Brown - Founder & Managing Partner

Jacqueline “Jackie” Brown is the founder and Managing Partner of JPB Media, LLC., an Atlanta based marketing agency specializing in data-driven advertising, brand strategy, and....


What We Do

JPB Media will be extension of your marketing team. Our collaborative approach integrates listening and understanding your marketing needs, identifying enhanced approaches based on competitive intel and aligning your creative message with the most effective media planforms…allowing you to reach your ideal target customer in the right place and at the right time.

Our team is excited to recommend the best approach to position, brand, target and disseminate your marketing message to achieve your unique marketing objectives. Our comprehensive marketing experience and best in class marketing technology partnerships allow us to successfully develop cost efficient, customer-centric, cross-channel media campaigns.

Target Audience – JPB Media works to clearly understand who your target audience is, what affects their decision making process and where they are in their decision journey.

Brand Perception & Awareness – Understanding how your brand is perceived by consumers is key to determine appropriate messaging and establish an elevated competitive share of voice.

Competitive Position Analysis – JPB Media will assess the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors. This analysis provides both an offensive and defensive strategic context to identify opportunities and threats.

Our media “mixology” strategies are anchored in target audience, market, and competitive set analysis along with creative personalization alignment.

Converting our strategies into effective media recommendations is where we shine. JPB Media offers expertise in plan development, cross-channel media negotiations/placement, public relations tie-ins, stewardship, and post analysis.

As an experienced agency with established national media relationships, JPB Media can negotiate costs below market average and acquire added value components to support cost efficiencies and an elevated marketing ROI.

Cross-Channel Measurable Tactics – Utilizing reach and frequency benchmarks, JPB Media monitors all recommended media campaigns for effectiveness…not only at the completion of a campaign, but we also employ proactive tactics to evaluate performance during the campaign. This strategy provides optimal opportunity to adjust media components and optimize a measurable and positive ROI.

Why Us

JPB Media is an expert with local and national linear and non-linear media planning, strategy and activation. We successfully collaborate with clients to develop cross-channel, data-driving media engagement campaigns to reach consumers in the right place and the right time…. maximizing share of voice, increasing brand awareness and elevating sales and revenue.

JPB Media has stellar media and technology relationships throughout North America – vendors who see us as a “tough but fair” media team with strong business ethics.

Your team will be there – no multi-level marketing teams to navigate when you need to react to changes in direction or market conditions. Our clients have direct access to leadership….ready to act, pivot & respond! We’re excited to work “arm in arm” with our clients to help grow their business!

JPB Media is known for our ability to optimize marketing budgets with tactical negotiations, target personalization strategies, earned media components, and stern campaign stewardship. Our clients are never short on praise and confidence in our ability to not only accomplish their marketing objectives but also manage to surpass their expectations with each and every campaign.


Danita V. Knight

Vice President of Communications & Marketing - Agnes Scott College

Agnes Scott partners with JPB Media to consolidate and optimize our marketing strategies, budgets, and digital marketing initiatives.  Our partnership is rooted in managing initiatives to elevate Agnes Scott’s brand and share of voice in key markets while also optimizing our cross-channel advertising strategies. JPB Media consistently develops successful and cohesive marketing plans to increase our brand awareness as well as elevate student prospecting initiatives.  Additionally, JPB Media has been a strategic media and strategy partner serving as an extension of our team.  Jackie’s expertise, execution and dedication has taken our marketing program to new levels, optimizing our market reach, and maximizing our marketing dollars. 

Mitch Seabaugh

Georgia Deputy State Treasurer – Georgia’s Path2College 529 Plan

From our past experiences, we have found that Jackie Brown and JPB Media is by far one of the most professional, passionate and talented media buyers in Atlanta. Mrs. Brown works diligently to negotiate competitive rates and develop creative media strategies that have consistently produced results for Georgia’s Path2College 529 College Savings Plan. In addition to negotiating creative added value, Mrs. Brown consistently incorporates media strategies that provide strong reach and frequency elements as well as reliable measurable components. She manages to recommend creative options to disseminate our message that have proven to not only to be cost efficient, but also effective. Mrs. Brown is also understanding and responsive to the needs of our marketing team and any changes in the market that may affect our campaigns. We are extremely proud and fortunate to have JPB Media as a part of our Path2College 529 team!

Cheryl Hodgson

Marketing Manager, University of Iowa Children’s Hospital

Jackie Brown is a savvy media professional. Her media plans are strategic and focused on maximizing reach for our target audiences and budget. Jackie went above and beyond to secure value-added options and quickly and efficiently resolved any issues we encountered with placements. She is not only highly reliable, but creative in finding solutions.

Frank Chappell

Owner, Monkey Joe’s, Savannah, GA

“I was handling the advertising on my own and thought it was going well. However, after speaking with a fellow franchisee, I decided to turn it over to JPB Media for a try and discovered that not only was I not catching missed advertising spots, I was also missing out on receiving many bonus dollars I’ve spent thus far. Jackie keeps a watchful eye over things I simply do not have time for.”

Leonard Blount

Owner, Monkey Joe’s, Charleston, SC

“We have worked with JPB Media since the opening of Monkey Joe’s North Charleston in 2011. Jackie has worked tirelessly to evaluate, negotiate and manage our media campaigns and budget, while maintaining a strong focus on branding and traffic driving initiatives. She has also created and negotiated free campaigns with our media partners that have consistently run each year. Our constant market presence has certainly played a roll in our brand positioning in the market, as well as overall sales. Because of Jackie’s hard work and the dedicated work of our team members, our N. Charleston Monkey Joe’s has recently built a fourth paty room and expanded our arcade area. Revenues are up 16% over 2011 as well. No doubt our advertising campaign combining TV, Radio and other media has helped in this success. We owe all that to Jackie.”

LaKisha Page

Operations Manager, Baccalaureate Education System Trust, State of Tennessee Treasury Department

“WOW! Jackie’s experience and knowledge shines through with each project she takes on for us. She is extremely diligent and remains on task…”

“…a wonderful addition to our marketing team!”

Veersen Ghatge

Owner, Monkey Joe’s, Pineville, Matthews & University (Charlotte, NC)

“Jackie is not only incredibly knowledgeable about small business marketing but also on the Monkey Joe’s business model. Jackie has been an immense help in our marketing efforts and has provided us with multiple options within our budget. We look forward to continue to work with Jackie.”