Paid Media Advertising Solutions – Traditional & Digital Marketing

Wondering how to break through the advertising clutter to engage the “leaned-in” target consumer?  At JPB Media, we are experts at isolating client’s target audience with a strategic mix of data-centric advertising solutions to reach consumers at every stage of the purchase journey.  Elevating our client’s brand, customer acquisition…and ROI…is where we shine!

Understanding the Paid Media Matrix

Just when you think you know enough about today’s advertising media landscape to be dangerous, a new and improved method to reach your customer steps on the scene.  We can help!!   Marketing experts tend to differentiate advertising solutions as traditional and digital marketing platforms…. but, consumer’s do not.  Marketing “data” bridges the gap between the two and provides a roadmap of the customer’s journey and the best personalized approach to lead them to your brand.

The team at JPB Media have excelled at aligning our client’s marketing objectives with cost-effective, data-driven media campaigns to engage consumers at every stage of their purchase journey.  No need to navigate this landscape alone…. we’ve got you!

Traditional Media Platforms

The team at JPB Media have over 25 years’ experience negotiating and managing national campaigns across all traditional media platforms.  Whether you are in need of a broad reach approach or high frequency strategy, we have the tools, methodology and experience to develop a cost-efficient media plan to support elevated brand awareness, and a positive marketing ROI….as a start.

Linear TV & Addressable TV

Linear TV & Addressable TV

This broad reach, time driven medium effectively disseminates high impact targeted and hyper-targeted messaging.  Our stellar negotiating tactics and partner relationships yields the most cost effective linear and addressable television campaigns.

Traditional Radio

Traditional Radio

This market specific, high frequency platform plays a pivotal role in the marketing mix for both local and national brands.  Radio’s cost efficient, broad reach and frequency attributes allow marketers to reach a niche and loyal target audience.  JPB Media’s experience with radio ratings, rankings and buying strategies amplifies consumer engagement using this medium.

Traditional Print Advertising

Traditional Print Advertising

A successful print campaign captures the imagination, creates brand recognition, and inspires consumers to engage with your brand.  JPB Media is equipped to plan and manage your print campaigns with creditable and tangible newspaper, magazine, and direct mail partners.

Out of Home (OOH)

Out of Home (OOH)

Looking to reach consumers outside their home or personal digital space?  We can help.  Outdoor advertising via static or digitized billboards can serve as additional touchpoints with consumers.  Our media planner’s expansive OOH footprint and delivery strategies are unsurpassed.

JPB Media

Data Driven Digital Marketing & Addressable Advertising

Customers have unlimited options to interface with brands across online marketing channels.  These various touchpoints are methodically engaged during the customers’ journey and ultimate decision to align with your brand.  A holistic and strategic mix of consumer behavior, audience segmentation, customer/content prospecting and website data analysis (as a start) provides the optimal strategy to reach your consumers within the digital marketing matrix.  Digital media buying and trading across programmatic, OTT (over the top), mobile and social media platforms is a real feather in our cap.

Digital Display/Programmatic advertising is the “go-to” for many marketers thanks to its efficiency and reach.  However, optimizing this solution can be a challenge.  Navigating inventory, over-saturation and increasing costs can also be a bit daunting for marketers.  But not for our digital team!!   Taking control of programmatic ad buying by incorporating data sources, digital engagement strategies and focusing on performance, JPB Media will not only improve return on investment, but also support a personalized ad experiences that make sense to your audience.

Mobile Advertising - JPB Media can help align your brand’s touchpoint strategy utilizing In-app/mobile fencing ad strategies to serve personalized creative messaging and conversion tracking.


Connected TV/OTT (Over The Top Online Video) delivers video content via the internet with or without traditional cable or satellite services. Connected TV (CTV) accesses streaming content via connected devices (such as ROKU).  These digital platforms provide direct/addressable target audience engagement to “cord-cutting” households based on psychographic, geographic and behavioral insights.  Our direct and DSP partnerships garner JPB Media competitive pricing, prime inventory access, personalized metrics and flexibility via this niche targeted, highly personalized digital solution.

Social Media Advertising - If you’re looking to engage consumers via social media beyond “social boost” strategies, our team can elevate your paid social media campaigns with content specific targeted messaging across all social media platforms and video franchises.


A comprehensive brand strategy is the basis for every successful advertising campaign. Let JPB Media develop marketing strategies to substantiate your brand identity and value, while isolating your ideal target audience to support consumer loyalty.

Paid Media Strategies & Marketing Management

Our paid media strategies are designed to elevate brand awareness and maintain consumer confidence, while also elevating our client’s share of voice within their competitive space.   Our strategies start with developing media plans based on target psychographics, consumer behavioral data, market conditions, competitive brand analysis and the target consumer’s propensity to engage with your brand.  Understanding these dynamics lay the ground work for a cost-efficient, data-centric paid media campaign to support brand and revenue growth.

Aligning with our direct, DSP and analytic partners provides our team with marketing management tools and technology that are bar-none.  Our client’s rave about our ability to be agile and nimble across all media platforms to maintain consistent low cost, high impression media campaigns.  Whether you’re an established brand, rebranding your business, looking to grow your consumer base or looking to crack the consumer engagement code, JPB Media can develop a media strategy and marketing plan to accomplish your objectives beyond your expectations.